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The work of Sarah G. Vinci 
"Secrets & Lies"

The myth of photography is that it has the ability to depict the truth. Fact, fiction or fantasy, the viewer ultimately decides where the power of reality resides. My work utilizes digital technology to construct and explore a photographic montage. I am concerned with mnemonics and how an image can manifest an allegation that is germane to social documentary and the human condition. This series of work was developed through found letters and journals; a history of cultural issues pertinent to women of their era is uncovered; a psychological portrait is drawn. My interest lies in history and the cultural issues of women.

-Sarah G. Vinci

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Each piece is 13 x 19" and sells for $300.00 unframed.
Viewers should contact for more info.

Sarah's work has been juried into the Digital 2000 international competition. Go to to view the online site and then click on Digital 2000 to view her work and that of the other artists.