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The work of Julie Steiner

What is style? The oft-repeated mistake is in confusing style with fashion. Fashions change, and more often than not, fashions are dictated to women rather than chosen by them. Real style is how a woman presents herself, and can incorporate much more than mere clothing. A woman's style is in her sense of humor, in her walk, in her speech, in the projects she undertakes, and yes, in the way she chooses to dress.

For this photographic project, the models were chosen for their sense of style, the style they have made innately their own, beyond what is
currently fashionable or trendy. Yes, often they are also fashionable, but I wanted to showcase not only their fashion but also their strong personalities. Although I consider each shoot a fashion shoot, I asked each woman to wear a favorite outfit from her own closet, and to do her own hair and makeup as she liked. We shot each one in a place familiar to and frequented by the model to get beyond posed, designed, and manipulated fashion shoots, so that the photos would also serve as portraits, not just of a woman dressed in fabulous clothes, but a woman comfortable in her own skin.

Julie Steiner is a writer/photographer recently transplanted to Tucson,
Arizona. She works in traditional black and white photography but also in
alternative photo processes and photo printmaking. Her work has been shown
in galleries and juried exhibitions throughout New York, New England, and
now, Arizona, and is part of numerous private collections.

These photographs are printed on fiber paper and come mounted in archival
acid-free mats. They can easily be framed in standard 14" x 18" frames.

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original photos, matted, are available for purchase, $80-100 each
 contact for more info.

Julie's article, Real-Life Beauty, is published in our Style Issue at ezine