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The work of Judy Theo Lehner

Judy Theo Lehner's Blue Legs painting which was on the cover of Moxie's Art issue won a Maggie award for Best Cover.  Click here to read more about it and see the Blue Legs cover.

Lehner's paintings are also featured on the covers of Moxie's  Identity issue. The front cover pictures a blonde being driven through the hills of California by a red wolf in a black jaguar convertible. On the back, the woman is at the wheel. "That's the shift we want our readers to experience as a result of reading Moxie," Hancock chuckles. "We want to help put them in the driver's seat."

Two of Lehner's paintings, shown below, can be found in Moxie's current issue, Ties that Bind, Bindings that Break. These painting are available for purchase. Please contact Judy directly at 707-996-5111 (Pacific Time) or e-mail her at

Blonde on Purple Couch