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In Moxie's Sheroes issue, now on the stands, psychologist Suzanne Waterstone describes four types of personalities that mirror the phases of the moon. Here's a quirky quiz to see which "type" you might be. As there are 13 lunar cycles in the year, there are 13 questions here.Knowing your type can help you figure out yourself, your friends, and your colleagues -- to say nothing of providing a little illumination as you navigate the night skies of the feminine.

1. Your secret role model is

  1. Wonder Woman
  2. Marilyn Monroe
  3. Mother Teresa
  4. Georgia O'Keeffe

2. If you won the lottery, you would

  1. finance a project you haven't had the money to do
  2. get a makeover and throw a party
  3. find a charity to donate to
  4. go on a retreat for 6 months

3. If you found your lover in the arms of someone else, you would

  1. get even by taking another lover yourself
  2. make an incredible scene
  3. try to forgive and forget
  4. write a story or paint your reactions

4. If you collected animal art work, you'd collect

  1. deer
  2. swans
  3. kittens, puppies, or bunnies
  4. owls, ravens, or camels

5. As a mother, you'd want your children

  1. to accomplish something important
  2. to have fun
  3. to be safe and protected
  4. to have space and time to be creative

6. If a guy walked in on you when you were naked (full-frontal nudity) and whistled at you, you would

  1. tell him to get out, or else
  2. laugh and blow him a kiss
  3. worry that he might feel embarrassed
  4. look at him blankly

7. It rains on the 4th of July, ruining your plans for a picnic.

  1. You pick up a pet project you want to complete
  2. You send the kids to the movies and suggest a strip-poker party
  3. You apologize for the weather and organize a game of Simon Says
  4. You get out the Ouija board

8. You need a new winter coat. You go shopping for

  1. a bomber jacket
  2. a faux-fur coat
  3. anything warm
  4. a cape

9. You and a friend own a flower shop on main street. Your biggest worry is

  1. making a success of the shop
  2. that it will be all work and no play
  3. that you'll end up giving too many free flowers to the homeless
  4. the uniqueness of your floral designs

10. A co-worker tells you her car has been stolen.

  1. You figure she'll take care of the problem herself
  2. You speculate with her that her ex-lover might have done it
  3. You offer her a ride home even though it's out of your way
  4. You can't remember her name and you're not sure what work she does

11. There's a new boss at work. You immediately

  1. show off your brilliant work
  2. flirt and laugh to start a conversation
  3. bring homemade cookies to the office
  4. quietly form a psychic connection

12. Your soul-mate is most likely to be

  1. a true equal
  2. a playful lover
  3. a good provider and caregiver
  4. an artist or a mystic

13. At heart, you are

  1. a fighter
  2. a lover
  3. an earth mother
  4. a fairy queen

To find out which Moon Woman you are, total all As, Bs, Cs, Ds. A= Waxing; B= Full; C=Waning; D=New. Are you a mixed type?

If you still have questions after you have totaled up your scores and read the description of your Moon type on the Web site then send them to Dr. Waterstone. Just put your comments in the box below.