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The 12 Most Valuable Lessons to Help Women Business Owners Succeed
Eight million women business owners generate over three trillion dollars annually, and they already employ nearly 30% of the work force. Women across the country are making a huge difference in the workplace and business arena. Their enormous economic and social impact is also being felt in their personal lives, in their communities and around the globe.

The Woman's Business Therapist: Eliminate the MindBlocks© and RoadBlocks to Success, (Chandler House Press, January 2000) is a comprehensive "therapy in a book" with twelve business therapy sessions for the woman entrepreneur. Author, Marcia Rosen, a recognized expert in women's business issues identifies twelve major challenges for women business owners and offers "sessions" instead of chapters.

Readers are able to check off their own "MindBlock" and "RoadBlock" symptoms at the beginning of the book. Then, in each session the truths of the symptoms experienced by these women are revealed, and the author offers practical wisdom through anecdotes. With her own story on each issue, proven solutions are provided at the end of each session.

The 12 therapy sessions are:

Exhausted and Overwhelmed
Fears and Anxiety Attacks
The Great Pretender(The Orgasm Syndrome)
Negative Attitudes
Bad Habits
Wishful Thinking (The Scarlett O'Hara Syndrome)
Dealing With Crisis

Unblocking the Mind and the Road
The key to success, according to Rosen is recognizing your symptoms, discovering what they are really about and then taking the necessary actions to overcome them. Women are still struggling to survive and thrive in business and are dealing with obstacles that interfere with their success and happiness, explains Rosen.

The MindBlocks© are the internal issues that are the limiting mindsets, attitudes and behaviors that prevent a woman from doing all that is required to be a success in business. The RoadBlocks are the concrete, external hurdles, from lack of access to capital, to relationship and family demands to lack of adequate business and personal support to sexism. How to deal with these issues are handled in the sessions in this book.

About the Author
An entrepreneur for over 30 years, author Marcia Rosen has been owner for twenty years of a marketing/public relations agency and consulting firm. She has been consulting, speaking and training women business owners on how to succeed in business and through her hundreds of conversations, discovered common themes linking their problems and concerns. Her book is an answer to their dilemmas and challenges and helps them know they are not alone in their struggles.

Rosen is frequently quoted in the business and women's press and is a frequent speaker throughout the U.S. to numerous women's and business organizations. She has been published in various women's publications and has received numerous awards and recognition for her work with and on behalf of women. She has been a leader, active in many women's organizations as a Board Member and as a chair of women's conferences.

From The Woman's Business Therapist
Eliminate the MindBlocks and RoadBlocks to Success

On Money: "Women still do not have the same access to capital as men. They need to have good information and clarity about the value and power of money. It's tough to be a success, let alone a role model or mentor when you're afraid to ask for money that someone owes you."

On Investing In Your Business: "Throughout my many years of working with women, I have continually found they have a difficult time spending money to grow their businesses. They will invest in their homes, their children, their clothes, reshaping and remaking the way the look. Still, they continue to find it hard to invest in their businesses. It's as if they have no right to invest in something that can make them successful and financially secure."

On Relationships in Business: "Women have made significant and positive progress in changing the business culture in setting up their relationships in ways that allow them to effectively pursue their business ambitions. Women business owners claim that the most significant challenge they face is being taken seriously. Women business owners should be taken seriously. There are more than 8 million women bringing in more than 3 trillion dollars a year into the US."

On Sexual Harassment and Women In Business: "Women are still not treated equally in the corporate business world. Yet, more and more women are quitting careers in the corporate world to start businesses of their own. As an entrepreneur a woman is in control of her own destiny. She doesn't have to depend on senior male management to promote her. She doesn't have to work twice as hard to prove she's equal to the task. Sexism in the work place is one of the most motivating factors for women to be their own bosses."

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