By Deborah Shadovitz

Once upon a time I was a young professional doing video/audio-visual production and photography in NYC. (I was, and always will be, into making the world a better place so I last worked at the United Jewish Appeal/Fed of Jewish Philanthropies.) At 26 I hit the road, backpacking around the world for a few years. (I did a bit of freelance writing but pretty much just lived and experienced.) Upon my return I didn't want to go backwards so I came to San Diego... but landed in LA. Letting the then-man-in-my-life influence me, I got into selling computers. That led to my discovery of two things: (1) with a Mac I could do video production and special effects (it was 1989 and the Mac was an SE) and (2) I hated sales. I dropped sales in favor of freelance word processing and training. And joined the board of directors of the Los Angeles Mac Group. That was in 1993.

Soon I was back to writing: this time about the Mac. Offers came in to write for MacHome Journal. Then a book for the ill-fated Claris Press. Then Net Professional Magazine. Today I have my words in 6 books currently in stores. I also write Mac Efficiency 101, a weekly column, at - and do the occasional story as well. I have also been writing a Mac column for Computer User for the past couple of years. I do professional seminars for businesses, at MacFair LA, at Macworld Expo, and by invitation. I also appear on stage at Macworld Live on the Expo show floor for all attendees to "Ask the Experts." And I've also done a few radio shows on the Mac and am booking up to do some more. (There's more but this is enough to list...)

So that's me - professionally. Personally, I am a single Jewish woman, 5'8" tall. I rent a beautiful 2 bedroom condo that overlooks a pool I never have enough time to swim in. The 2nd room is... you guessed it... my office. Some day I shall meet a tall, Jewish man who has also traveled and also loves sharing other people's cultures... who can backpack as easily as staying at the Orient hotel in Bangkok and isn't impressed by the Taj Mahal because he's bothered to visit the villagers who live behind it and isn't impressed that some fool let people starve to immortalize himself (but loves the small towns, hills, painted elephants and festivals of India). And he'll be single and not manic/depressive or schizophrenic; I've already been through cheats and such illnesses. Then we'll hit the road together - us, possibly kids, my cameras, and my trusty PowerBook-to-be. Humm... if you know this guy, feel free to introduce us.

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