Airforce Blues
  Ask A Woman
  Ask Her No Questions
  At Last, Cards for Girls!
  Barkeep, Pour Me Another One!
  Bittersweet Reflections
  The Cableman
  Capital Resources
  Concrete Ceilings
  Daring Women and Pregnant Bellies
  Nancy Drew Grows Up
  Day Job: A Work Place Reader
  Diary of a Stripper
  Existentialism As a Career Choice
  Fight for Your Right
  Finances For Newlyweds
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  Freelance Writing From Home
  From AV in NYC to MAC in LA
  Ghost Therapy
  Life in Corporate America
  Making a Case for Black Women Business Owners
  Moxie Meets Amazon
  My Life As a Psychotic, I Mean Psychic
  Notices of an Airwoman
  Other Side of Saturday
  Red Dust, Blue Sky
  Rock and Roll Nurse
  Sex Toy Store
  Sex Workers
  Tips for Hiring Women
  Two Wives' Tales
  Wanted: Girlfriend
  When the Wife Earns More
  Winter Wailings
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  Women Build Movement
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