Peaceful Dreams

Elizabeth Decker

She sat on the big green couch after dinner like she did every night staring at the T.V. but not aware of the program. Just images and noise. He sat on the couch too but at the other end staring in the same direction. They sat that way for a long time through three sitcoms and then she spoke, "Are we through? Is it over?"

He didn't look at her, not at first and then he simply said, "Yes, I think so."

She looked at him, at his thick brown hair and big blue eyes that looked empty and sad. Then she looked down at her hands and her fingers with no rings; Her nails that never seemed to grow, and thought, "Why are my fingers so bumpy? Why aren't they long? How come my nails are round instead of oblong?" She always loved women with oblong nails. It looks better. Noise. Noise. Noise. Static noise heard from the T. V. The only people who talk are on T.V., she thought.

She got up from the couch as he sat looking at other people's lives that weren't even real and she went into the bathroom to brush her teeth and then quietly slipped into bed with out saying goodnight.

She drifted off to a new home, some cozy room without a T.V., snuggled on the couch with a man who made her laugh. They talked long into the night about their lives, their future, what they needed, what they wanted, their hopes, dreams and their aspirations. He touched her cheek lightly with his long fingers. She felt a shiver throughout her body and struggled to get closer. Before they kissed, he disappeared. But she remained peaceful in her sleep, for just that one moment, she experienced love.

© Elizabeth Decker

Peaceful Dreams is part of the collection of poetry and prose published in The Melancholy Girls: A Journal of Discovery, (, written and illustrated by Elizabeth Decker, who is also the author of the short story The Kiss of Death ( and over 100 articles on wellness published at and Lifescape Magazine. She is currently working on her second book.

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