Joanne Bussiere  <Jobuss35@aol.com>

I put on a hat
walked to the movies
it only took 3 hours
I got home
took off my hat
looked in the mirror
noticed my hair was thinning
I'd been checking it for days
preparing for months
but still
I shake
This makes it real
the loss of hair
I am a cancer girl
There is a port in my chest
a scar on my breast
and in the pit of my arm
my battle wounds
my space age connector
Daily reminders
But this loss
the hair from my body
my knuckles and toes
Beam me up Scotty
I'm ready to go

Instead I walk slowly
through these echoing halls
I see shadows of women like me
They know what this loss means
they the strong
the brave before me
Held on to
Strands that fell
into their hands
held on long
or got a quick shave

Why wasn't I different
my hair falls too

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