The Crowning Touch

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I admired it for almost two years before I bought it. I saw it every time I went to the mall, on the top shelf of one of those popular, teen shops.

It was a BEAUTIFUL crown! The first time I spotted it, I was overcome with my childhood desire to be a princess! For the week following my first encounter with the crown, I visualized it sitting elegantly on my head. That exquisite image played on my mind so much that I finally had to admit it to myself. I wanted a crown!

But I had to test the waters and see if the world was ready for me in a crown before I could actually get one. In casual conversation, I mentioned the crown to several of my friends. They didn't get overly excited. No one had a deep desire to be a princess. And they all agreed an adult wearing a crown might look a little odd. Hinting, I told my boyfriend about seeing a gorgeous crown at the mall that I really liked. I figured if he bought it for me, I could tell people I wore it I so wouldn't hurt my boyfriend's feelings. But, he never gave me what I longed for.

One day while I was doing some Christmas shopping, I stopped by the store where the crown was. Gazing in it's usual spot, I found it wasn't there. Alarmed, I asked the young salesgirl, "Where's the crown?" She walked over to a different spot on another wall and pointed to several crowns. They were stunning and sparkled with rhinestones in varying designs. So, I asked the girl how much they were and she said, "eighteen dollars."

My mind shrieked, "eighteen dollars!" Only eighteen dollars for that magnificent crown. I could afford that with my Christmas money. And the crowns weren't plastic, "little kid" crowns. They obviously were for adults. The fact that there were now several styles of crowns meant they were more popular suggesting to me that an adult wearing a crown might be a little more acceptable. By the time I reached my apartment I had decided that I would buy a crown shortly after Christmas.

With a twenty-dollar bill in my purse, I went to the mall a couple days before New Years. The crowns were up too high for me to reach from my wheelchair. So, I asked the salesgirl to get them all down and told her that I wanted to try them all on to see which one looked best on me. After she carefully placed each one on my head, I made my selection.

It suits me perfectly. I proudly wear it almost every day. Whenever someone asks me if I am a queen for a day, I say, "No, I'm a princess forever."

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