Style or Fashion? 

Take Your Pick!
Moxie Meets the fashion program at The Academy of Art College.

If you know Moxie, you know that we view style as a state of mind. We eschew glam and glitz, opting for style as self-expression and play-- a visible reflection of who and what you are on the inside.

At Moxie's April style show, Suzanne Waterstone interpreted style by translating the archetypal forms of the feminine articulated by Toni Wolff, long-time mistress of Carl Jung, according to the phases of the moon.

"The Heteira/Full Moon Woman is a playful romantic who keeps her eye on her partner. Often endowed with curvy, erotic bodies, Full Moon Women show themselves off in red satin, heels, and feathers," she commented, pointing to mannequins dressed by Aperio and Zip Mamas (East Bay boutiques), both adorned with feather boas.

"An Amazon/Waxing Moon Woman, is an independent, determined person who concentrates on getting things done. She's likely to have a lean, athletic body, often choosing no-nonsense clothing from cargo pants to crisp linen jackets with plenty of angles," Waterstone said, "like this outfit from Way Back Retro, of Emeryville.

"Less visible beyond the walls of the household is the Mother/Waning Moon Woman. She rescues, encourages, comforts, and consoles those around her. She typically has a soft yet sturdy body, choosing soft, comfortable clothing with unconstructed lines," Waterstone said, showing the audience a bit of lace peeking through one of the bodices.

"Often forgotten, and certainly in the minority in our culture, (although much in evidence at Moxie's event) is the Medium/New Moon Woman. Original and creative, she's an intuitive, quirky, sometimes mystical or artistic maverick who reads between the lines. She chooses funky fashions that are one of a kind, draping herself with fabrics that range from hooded velvet robes to capes to shiny, silvery glam."

The Medium/New Moon type was beautifully illustrated at the event by models dressed by DAS/Asphalt (San Francisco) with hair designs by Vain (Seattle) who circulated in black dresses, one with a suggestive tear at the hip, the other with a narrow hem that hid a hoop, giving the illusion that she floated as she walked among the guests. The tag line of these designers? "Style for people who can come up with their own opinions."

If what you want is a traditional runway, the place to go is the annual fashion show put on by San Francisco's Academy of Art. Last year was my first chance to view fashions created from textiles made by graduates of the college's Fashion program.

The models at the Academy show strut down the runway with their backs arched, their bellies thrust forward, looking as detached and expressionless as store-front mannequins. Dressed in everything from "Star Trek" outfits to Edwardian ruffles, one wore chiffon so sheer her breasts showed through. Another, her hair gelled and sprayed to look messy, appeared in a long dress made of gold paper, with scotch tape for straps. Just as I was thinking that you can't be too thin, another lost her skirt behind her. Here, as I gazed at office wear from the sloppy to the ridiculous, I finally understood what thong underwear does for a girl -- it omits panty lines and reveals the crack between the buttocks. In their Hawaiian shirts, fur pelts, and high-heels, these models are stiletto Barbies in the flesh.

There is no limit to the originality and creativity these student designers demonstrate. Almost to a one, they are destined for New York. The Academy's fashion show will be held this year on May 23.

So take your pick and find your style among these and other alternatives, and write to Moxie with your insights about who you are and how you choose to show yourself to the world. We're listening!

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