by Suzanne Waterstone

The Goddess Diana
In Moxie's issue on sheroes, role models and heroines, I explained that just as there are four phases of the moon, there seem to be four "types" of women. Some of you took the quiz to find out whether you're the Waxing Moon Woman, the woman of expansive effort; the Full Moon Woman, the woman of romance; the Waning Moon Woman, who gives herself away; or the New Moon Woman, who peers at those who watch without being fully visible.

Each is misunderstood by, puzzled by, frustrated by and incomprehensible to the other three. Each, however, is attracted to the others in some way.

Best friends will often be of different types, each complementing the other.

The Waxing Moon Woman is an independent competitive achiever whose life is about getting things done. The Full Moon Woman is a courtesan, a romantic, sexy, playful woman whose life is about relationships. The Waning Moon Woman is a mother--she nurses, protects, teaches, and gives to others. The New Moon Woman is perceptive, creative, mysterious, artistic.

Let's eavesdrop on a conversation among four women at a gallery opening.

Full Moon Woman: "I read the Times review of your current exhibit. Croutons on Bridges isn't it? They raved about it. Wow."

New Moon Woman: "They didn't understand it at all."

Waning Moon Woman: "Don't let them upset you. Can I get you a drink or a plate of hors d'oeuvres?"

Waxing Moon Woman: "You should be able to sell some of your pieces for a good price now."

New Moon Woman: "I burned them."

Waxing Moon Woman: "You burned them?! ? You could finally have earned some money from your art work. Burning them was crazy."

New Moon Woman: "Not to me. You don't understand"

Waxing Moon Woman: "I certainly don't."

Full Moon Woman: "Artists are burning their paintings in Sweden. I'd love to go just for the fun of it."

Waning Moon Woman: "Can I give any of you a ride home?"

Which one of these moon women is most like you? Do you recognize your mother, your sister, your friends among them? Do you recognize yourself?

Find out which kind of moon woman you are. Take the Moon Women Quiz.

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