By bgrrrl

Moxie found this website about a girl whose life was changed by Janet Weiss (Quasi, Sleater-Kinney) before she even met her. Here's the first part of her story. You can look at the rest of it at http://home.earthlink.net/~bgrrrl/.

from the website:
I don't know much about the life and times of Janet Weiss. All I really know is that she thought listening to sleater-kinney and then playing with them was like playing with the ramones.

She rocks. The other thing I know is that she's the one that finally made me realize that I wouldn't be happy unless I fulfilled my dream to play drums.

See, I had totally given up on that dream. I wanted to play drums for so long....I just didn't have the means to do it. Then my friend offered to teach me bass. I really did like playing bass....problem...no money to buy a bass to practice. I have since inherited my grandfathers acoustic and electric guitar w/out an amp. I know, I know...some of you would kill to inherit that. I was WAY excited....but, it's not my dream.

I'm still plucking away on the guitar 'cuz i think it's important to be a well rounded musician...but, I wanna play DRUMS! I have banged around on my friends a few times and it's what I want. Talking to Janet after the sleater-kinney show in Cincinnati made me finally decide to go for it. She was totally like, DO IT! Get a drum set and beat along with your albums. So, my friend plays drums and his band is about to buy a new set and guess who gets the old one?


See how things just fall into your lap when you finally live your dream.

This page is in thanks to Janet for doing that for me.

And for kicking me in the ass. It's what I needed!


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