Joanna Weston
first-prize (tie) in poetry

The small rise
in my belly
flattened into fever
and a hospital bed

they took the child
from between my thighs
put him in a dish
and gave him
to the earth

You brought pansies
     purple and yellow
     luminous on the table
I wondered if they
had grown
out of my womb -

The child's face looked
from a purple
and yellow frame
a kindness flowering
from my body

© Joanna M. Weston

Joanna M. Weston, born in England, married, 3 sons, two cats. A chocaholic writer, knitter, and gardener she has published reviews and poetry internationally in journals and anthologies. She is the author of four chapbooks published (all out of print) and THE WILLOW-TREE GIRL for ages 8-12. Check it out at

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