Sharon A. Bray

I don't want to boast, but...
- George Gibson

I don't want to boast,
But when the moon shone bright over the hayfields
I stripped to my bare nothings
And cast my two broad buttocks toward the sky
And laughed at the sheer delicious moment
Of unbridled freedom.

I don't want to boast,
But when the two old men in the Dodge pickup
Leaned their heads out the window
And whistled and hooted their lewd comments at me
I swung my hips in an exaggerated side to side
And politely gave them the finger.

I don't want to boast,
But when my neighbor's husband breathed his wine-colored breath
In the corner of the library
And suggested we retire somewhere, say, private
I giggled shyly and ever so deftly
Elbowed him sharply in his groin.

I don't want to boast,
But when I stood stark naked
In front of my full length mirror
And saw my sagging breasts and cellulite thighs,
I murmured softly to anyone who would hear,
"Honey, you're a gorgeous specimen of a woman."

© Sharon A. Bray

Sharon is a writer, teacher, and former executive. An Affiliate of the Amherst Writers and Artists, she now devotes her time to writing fiction and leading writing groups for breast cancer survivors, at-risk teenagers and women.

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