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Georgia O'Keeffe, 
Abiquiu, New Mexico,1975
  by Joe Munroe (c)

Beyond Gidget
The sun lingers somewhere below the horizon and behind the clouds, casting only the faintest hint of daylight. She wakes up in the throes of anticipation, like a child on Christmas morning, before the alarm. She pulls on sweats and a T-shirt and begins to gather her things. Surfing...(more)

Bird's Words
Walking casually through the living room of her modest west Austin home, Sarah Bird passes a director's chair marked "The Boyfriend School" and steps out onto her back porch, looking disapprovingly at her lawn chairs. They are covered with dried mud left over from the last rain. She quickly retreats indoors, emerging a few seconds later with two brightly colored bed sheets: one of which she...(more)


Childhood friends Melinda Gallagher, 28, and Emily Kramer, 23, may look like your typical New York twenty-somethings: stylish, attractive, and appropriately hip. But with CAKE NYC, their multi-platform womenıs sexuality empire, Melinda and Emily are, in fact, single-handedly leading their very own sexual revolution. These intensely smart and dedicated feminists have built a grassroots business from the ground up, stemming from a far-reaching but straightforward dream: to make the world a more welcoming place for women to express themselves in the bedroom, in the boardroom, and in the strip club...

Grandma Thelma
The mourners slipped on the icy grass and poked each other with oversized umbrellas as they huddled together for protection from the snow and sleet at my mother-in-law's funeral last January. At the unveiling last week, however, the weather was beautiful, an autumn spectacle tamed by the balm of a November Indian summer. "We know Grandma is here," said my nephew Greg. "Look how she brought us a bit of
( more)

Mary Anderson, Southern Bell
Mary Anderson must have been quite a gal back in 1903. Women weren't even voting then. They were still in long dresses, and did what was expected of them. After all, the men in their lives had long ago decided women were put on this planet for making babies, doing laundry, and all the rest. But Mary Anderson, not to be confused with a labor organizer of the same name... ( more)

On Seeing the Face of an Afghan Woman
What if you could be brutally attacked for flying a kite, for reading a book, for showing your face in public? What if the law forced you to blacken the windows of your house so no one could see you from the outside? What if you could be killed for indulging in a moment's self-expression? Under those circumstances, who would you be?...

Not Your Average Firefighter
If jumping from a plane 1,500 to 3,000 feet above the earth is considered a thrill for the stouthearted, then jumping with the sole purpose of battling a wildfire is an unthinkable feat for even the doughtiest thrill seeker. Not for Michelle Barger, a physical education and health and science teacher, who describes her summer job for the last two years as "safe, if you follow all procedures."...

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman
Sabrina Ward Harrison is one hell of a woman.
She talks about the wonders of tea as if she were introducing you to a source of mysterious, hidden wisdom and power. She wears long, funky skirts that she designs herself. Sabrina can make you laugh on a gray day. And she always remembers to stop and smell the flowers...

Red Dust, Blue Sky
Renee was the only female on a construction site in New Mexico the summer she turned 25. She threw adobe and laid bricks for an apartment complex near Santa Fe. On that site, she learned to stand her ground -- and found the strength she needed to prevent something terrible from happening. This is her story...(more)

Tacos of the Tundra
Starting a business from scratch is a risky venture. Even these days, half of new businesses need more capital than anticipated, and three-quarters of their owners earn a lower-than-anticipated standard of living in the year 2000. Pile on the disadvantage of no industry experience, little start-up money, a hostile population, and a location 300 miles above the Arctic Circle, and you get an idea of what Fran Tate faced twenty years ago...

What A Great Life
I was born in Jackson, Michigan on December 9, 1901. By age three my favorite activity was picking up gravel and stones and watching their colors and shapes change when placed in jars of water. I spent hours admiring how beautiful they looked. Even now I love rocks. They talk to me. Trees have always talked to me too. I believe my paintings came into being from...

Writing Past No
The carcasses of a lot of sane and well-adjusted women litter the road to success, including all the good girls who learned to take no for an answer. The path to publication, in particular, chews them up and spits them out. The survivors grind toward their dreams year after year, collecting nothing for their efforts but...

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