A Point of View

by Candace Drimmer

As a child I had fever-induced convulsions that landed me in the hospital a dozen times. Maybe the experience reconfigured my hard drive, because in those years I looked to the night sky and saw a black dome covering the earth, with cracks that let glimmers of light through葉he stars. The ever-changing lens that waxed and waned was the moon. In the gloom, all I could see was the gleam of rat痴 eyes as it exited the toilet and entered my home. Whether this was a disaster or a challenge would depend on your perspective.

Nowadays I still question the reality of life, a habit that is reinforced by the unreal world in which I live. Rats exiting toilets, the president of the country being kidnapped by the air force葉hese were experiences of my life in Ecuador. Regularly scheduled airline flights that when overbooked just add folding chairs in the aisle葉hat was Peru. A mailman who demanded a fee for each letter before he would deliver it葉hat was Paraguay. Burglars who neatly stacked glass louvered windows they removed to break into a house葉hat was Curacao. A Red Cross who held hostage an unclaimed package that had been hijacked by Customs, forcing the recipient to pay a ransom for it葉hat was Mexico.

Many call these places third-world toilets. I call them home. It痴 all a matter of perspective, something that enriches both art and life.

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