There Comes A Time
There comes a time--a realization of truth--in each person's life. For some this time can bring such joy--a love professed, maternal bonding, or coming into one's sense of self. For others the time is pure emotional pain.

In the winter of 1988, I was struggling to make sense of my life. Married, a mother to a one-year old, Andrew, and enlisted in the United States Air Force in Washington State--seemingly a world away from New York City where I was raised. My native New Yorker husband, Ben, had not taken well to this new environment and I felt an enormous burden to make it "better" for him on a limited budget. I was the super wife/mother...

Breaking the Silence
After their first year, most college students look to their summer vacation as a time to kick back, relax, and catch up with old friends from high school. Some take jobs or internships, and others take classes, but for most, the summer is a much less stressful, more low key time. There are those, however, who choose to spend their summer doing something more. Jessica Sundram, from Cornell University, is one such dynamic college woman. Her summer has been devoted to "Breaking The Silence", the name she has given to the book she is editing and the not-for-profit fund it will help establish...(more)

Multicolored blankets dotted the grass on the West end of the park. From the hill overlooking it, they made a crazy board-game pattern. Women lazed across the blankets, passing jugs of Kool-Aid and listening to the band bang out "Girls Just Want to Have Fun." It was a mild June day. I had expected frightened, upset people, but this looked like a summer camp sleepover.

I glanced sideways at my boyfriend, who was discreetly checking out women. I felt a grin spread over my face. Leave it to Kevin to try to pick up girls at an incest rally.

I spotted Stella under the Mad-at-Dad banner. She sat cross-legged on a fuzzy pink blanket, a bag of Gummi Bears at her side. "Seen anyone from group?" I asked her. The night before we'd tried to talk members of our incest survivors' group into coming to the Father's Day rally...

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