Inside the Bone

by Jennifer E. Moxley

and even if we do someday say goodbye to each other
even if tender words fading crumble fall and blow away
saccharine love songs echo wistful melodies in an empty hall

or if love fades imperceptibly over years like furniture before a
picture window if one day we awaken finding this to be true

or even if we go up in smoke a mushroom cloud
a sudden blast a swift kick in the pants and she's gone

or our respective passions howl tumble shrieking rending
eardrums sleep and sanity a sonic boom a blowout nightly
(details at eleven) even so

if asked how to find you I would reply: peel back my skin and
search beneath muscles nerves nestled among ligaments soft
tissues a fat cell or two cracking open a femur there you would be

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