down half way on the road pickup stops i get in smelling the overbearing smell of alcohol but thinking this is my only chance not many cars go down this way hey hey how you doin i say dont think i'd be doin anything but bad since im on my way alone and he laughs and settles back into his seat which from his weight has formed his form dont think ill be here long enough to be that lucky hes goin 90 hey your going 90 and he laughs and laughs until weve hit it fuck are you okay im okay ive hit my head and theres blood going down the side he slump his body back from the steering wheel back into the form of the seat you cant tell anyone about this and i promise i wont i dont know why i would i can take you up this road to a gas station you can catch he cant seem to find the word i'll walk though i've walked 5 smiles and my legs are about to give but they always say young people like we can do this that everything better nad i take that as true so i make myself out of fear of failing the powers of my age and shut the door he's goin 90 again till this time hes hit a semi and i dont think anythings missng from this world since hes gone

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