Life After College
Sitting with my two friends in a trendy Malaysian restaurant on the Upper-East Side of New York, I stared into a mango shell stuffed with shredded chicken and marveled at how much they had changed. Graduated two years before me, Elaine and Kathy were successfully climbing the corporate ladder in New York. They offered to take me out to dinner to help me decide what...(more)

Not Even A Pet
"You'll come visit me, right?"
I peer at my sister over the moving box in my arms. With a half-sympathetic, half-amused look, she says, "Of course." Moving day. There'd been days similar to this before, but this one held more meaning. I'd decided, finally, that it was time to ....

The Road
down half way on the road pickup stops i get in smelling the overbearing smell of alcohol but thinking this is my only chance not many cars go down this way hey hey how you doin i say dont think i'd be doin anything but bad since im on my way alone and he laughs and settles back into his seat which...(more)

Getting Clean
Some people have a complete ability to hold down a job, pay bills, and have quasi-normal relationships with their family and friends. This is not the case for me. The simplest acts of life take great effort and daily maintenance for me. This is because of something that sets me apart from some people: I am a drug addict...(more).

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