The Global Reproductive Health Forum (GRHF), a valuable internet source for information on reproductive technologies, gender, and health-- located at http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/grhf -- has now been completely revamped in order to provide even easier access to original research and discussion.

Our new site incorporates a more user friendly and navigable format, enabling access to expanded databases with additional research on all our topics. Some of our site's exciting features include a new reproductive technologies Web at http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/rt21 , as well as original in-depth research from our South Asia project, http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/grhf-asia, on contraceptive technologies, amniocentsis, and discourses of population control.

We have also added new electronic e-zines. Our second issue of Re/Productions covers sex trafficking, the body, representation, and the trade of prostitution and globalization.

But do not distress, all your old favorite characteristics are still part of our site. Our goal remains to have an extensive comprehensive project that disseminates all the new information continuously reformulating and challenging notions of sexed bodies, identity, gender, biological technology, health, and gender politics in the world today.

All our old libraries as well as our emerging research is still conveniently accessible in our extensive archive of on-line information in such fields as:

  • Gender, Biology and technology
  • Reproductive Rights
  • HIV/AIDS and other STDs and RTIs
  • Emerging Reproductive Technologies -Biomedical information pertaining to Reproductive Health
  • Population Politics
  • Gender and Notions of Development

Most importantly, GRHF main function is still to serve as an open forum for discussion and debate on health and gender for all users, whether they are activists, scholars, or inquisitive surfers. Central to our ideology is the exchange of ideas, information and research. Your feedback, input and participation are invaluable. We encourage you to submit your research articles and viewpoints so we can continue to provide the important discussion and information that define this web-site.

All submissions to our main web-site or our regional websites can be submitted by emailing us at grhf@hsph.harvard.edu.

If you would like more information on our project, please contact us at the above email address.

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