Your Guide to Emotional Recovery After an Abortion

Drs. Candace De Puy and Dana Dovitch
Simon & Schuster paperback, l997

Abortion is not a frivolous choice. No woman sets out to create and then terminate, a possible life; but, over the centuries, millions of women have had abortions, and millions more will continue to terminate unwanted pregnancies regardless of social, religious or legislative opinion. Unlike divorce or the death of a loved one, or even a miscarriage, abortion is a significant personal experience that is not publicly recognized. A woman's
emotional journey from conception to termination is often isolated, buried in her psychological underground.

Women who have made a decision to abort do not always walk away from the experience without a lot of emotions, even thought they move forward with their lives. Many women acknowledge a feeling of relief after their abortion, yet are understandably upset by unexpected facets of the experience. Over time, many are wracked with religious guilt and a fear that they have killed an unborn child.

Emotional restoration is a unique challenge because these emotions a are the result of a choice. Paradoxically, the healing journey requires yet another significant choice-a healing choice. A woman can either live with unresolved memories she may struggle to hold at bay, or she can look inward and reexamine herself.

The Healing Choice helps a woman to reflect upon the circumstances and reasons for her decision; explore the emotions that led to and resulted from her abortion; examine issues arising from both her family of origin and the culture in which she was raised; and realize how the overall experience affected her life then and now by recognizing what she lost and what she has gained.

This book is not about right or wrong. It is not about judgment, politics , or religion. It is a book for any woman who feels psychological discomfort from her past abortion, any person who sees abortion as killing a child, and anybody who feels sure it is not.

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