Wanna Be An Actress?
The following glossary is a contribution by Stephanie Groll a San Francisco-based editor and freelance writer. She was recently cast as a stand-in for Joan Cusak in the Movie A Smile Like Yours.

To get along behind the scenes of a movie, you have to speak the language. The following terms are a sample of things that clutter the set, mysterious crew titles, and other pieces of indecipherable nomenclature...

K. Spiering's Cyber Art
Reckless, boisterous, raucous, unusual, or just plain modern? However you describe her art, it will never be accused of being subdued.

Katherine Spiering is a fine arts and multimedia graphic illustrator who creates art with attitude. Originally from Seattle, she broke out of the classical confines of her early parochial schooling by packing up and heading for distant exotic lands. Later, she hung out with Seattle's Belltown Art crowd, an artist encampment in the Denny Regrade area....

Kids On the Hill
Swatches of blue, red smears, fingers covered with all the colors mixed together, making dark brown hands the color of slick mud. It could not have been too long after I was born that I began to make art, first with fingers and later in pencil, a series of lead circles, squares, all shapes irregular and in between too. Then I made people, I looked at the shapes of lights and darks in a face and translated light through brush onto paper. Color, shape and light were safe and gorgeous worlds to inhabit...(more)

Monkey Art
Monkeys have exhibited an artistic streak in captivity at a Maryland research facility, the New Scientist magazine reported. Ten capuchin monkeys were given clay spheres, stones, paint and leaves as raw materials, and then spent up to 30 minutes reshaping the clay with their hadns and decorating it with paint and leaves...(more)

Mardi Wood, Ceramist
I spend time in Italy each year, visiting, absorbing, and making drawings around the ruins. Herds of an ancient breed of cattle and small bands or horses live together off wild grasses and the leaves of indigenous plants and shrubs that grow in the ravines, the savannas, the pasture lands around these ancient sites. Not wild, not domesticated, these animals emanate a quality I cannot name...(more)

Pomegranates to Postcards
At age six, artist Jocelyn Cohen rebelled against staying inside the lines of a coloring book while coloring a cardinal bird. Not only did she get in big trouble for the bright red crayon strokes she made across the page, she also refused to fix it. This early interaction of "coloring outside the lines" had a positive effect. Though she didn't know it then, color would continue as a dominating feature of her art...(more)

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